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Trunch Concerts - Music in a historic Norfolk Church
Concert in April 2011

Concert Saturday 2nd April 2011, 7.30pm
‘Tails from the Tower’

Minstrels Gallery


Jane & Tony Scheuregger (Norwich) and friends, all costumed, sing and play many rare instruments in a lively, tuneful medieval evening, exploring the relationship between man and nature.

'Tails From The Tower' - It is a little known fact that in medieval times the Tower Of London housed the first ever collection of animals or "zoo" which continued in one form or another right up until the nineteenth century. This is the starting point for our concert entitled "Tails From The Tower". Medieval man's connection with both mythical and actual birds and animals has given rise to much music and verse. Examples such as the comic El Grillo by Josquin des Prez to the melancolic Silver Swan by Orlando Gibbons and dances like Horses Branle and Playford's Chirping Of The Nightingale all illustrate very different connections between man and nature.

Minstrels Gallery is an experienced group of musicians performing medieval and renaissance music in historically accurate period costume. "We play on a very wide range of instruments and sing both solo and in consort. Our repertoire encompasses music from around 1100 through to the time of the restoration."

Tony and Jane Scheuregger form the nucleus of the group, which is then augmented as required up to eight musicians. They both have many years experience teaching, publishing and performing music with a special interest in early music.

"We always aim to make our concerts fun and accessible to a wide audience who may not necessarily have had much experience of live early music. We will try to use most of our 40 different authentic period instruments and provide a running commentary on the music, historical setting and contemporary readings."

We make a special point of inviting audiences to talk to us both during the interval and at the end of the concert. We have what is probably one of the bigger collections of authentic early instruments played by any one group in the country.

For further details, CD and pictures please contact Tony on 01603 454402 or take a look at for more detailed information on the concert formats, pictures and sound clips.

"Your music was inspiring, spiritual and very seasonal, a most special start to the Christmas season." - Revd Andrew Beane - St Faiths Church

"An unusual and stimulating evening" - Alan Boniface - Canterbury Festival

"A vibrant and polished performance of medieval music with an astonishing array of early instruments - both informative and very entertaining." - Felicity Devonshire, St Lawrence's Centre

"Your music was splendid !" - Dr David Starkey

Tony & Jane Scheuregger - Minstrels Gallery

43 Muriel Road,
NR2 3NY 

Tel 01603 454402 / 07786 057484